About The Owner - Jodi 

I was born and raised in Florida and love everything about this beautiful state! Then I married my husband who joined the Army, forcing us to move. It was a wonderful adventure and we had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and live in some beautiful places! After having our son we decided it was time to leave the Army. We wanted to raise our son near our family and live in Florida, the place that has been forever home to us.

The idea for Florida Kid Co. came after I had my son and we decided to get out of the Army and move back to Florida. I was knee-deep in being a new mom and thought, "Why can't all these baby essentials have some fun unique designs that reflect Florida?" I was getting bored with the traditional prints and subdued colors. So, I got to work designing and researching! The rest is history.

We are now pursuing our dreams and giving our son and daughter a childhood similar to ours! They are and will get to experience the many land and sea adventures Florida has to offer!